Message from the Organizers

Ben Carpenter

Chief Executive Officer, Social Value International & Social Value UK

We are delighted to be working with our national network Social Value Taiwan to host an incredible week of social value conferences and workshops. This 2-day conference is not to be missed as we bring together some of the world’s leading thinkers at a time when social value and social impact is more important now than ever before.。


Over the last few years a momentum has been building. People all around the world are rejecting our current systems as unsustainable – we know we must change the way we behave in response to rising social inequality and environmental harm. Organisations whether big or small, public, private or civil society, are all now trying to measure and manage the non-financial value they create.


As our movement grows we need to come together as people and professionals from all over the world and from a range of disciplines (accountants, evaluators, lawyers, market researchers, economists, service designers, investors). This social value annual conference gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and strengthen our networks. We need to be bold, be leaders and show the power of this incredible community of practitioners as we bring social value accounting into the mainstream.


The Social Value International Conference 2019 in Taipei will be a chance to listen and participate in global conversations about how we make social impact and social value a bigger part of our decision making.


International conferences take a lot of effort to organise and a lot of commitment to participate but each time we host one we are reminded of how important they are. I know that this social value conference will provide us with those rare moments where we learn amazing things, build lasting relationships and be inspired to push our movement forward. There is something very special about bringing the world greatest minds together to discuss our shared mission to change the way the world accounts for value.


We hope to see you there.




Chien-wen Shen 沈建文

Chairman of the Social Value International Conference 2019 Organizing Committee

It is our pleasure to invite social value friends around the world to visit Taipei, Taiwan for the Social Value International Conference 2019. The theme of this year’s event is “Social Value Matters: Going Mainstream”, which I strongly feel this movement in almost all forms of organizations. Social enterprises, universities, NGOs, charities, governments, and even for-profit businesses all recognize the importance of social value and are eager to learn how to maximize their social value through advanced or innovative approaches. Hence, we try our best to make this conference a wonderful platform for worldwide partnerships towards an equal society.


In addition, this conference has five major features

  • (1) The first time Social Value International hosts their conference in Asia.
  • (2) The first Social Value International Conference includes academic symposium for social value research.
  • (3) The first international conference about social value measurement, management, or investment in Taiwan.
  • (4) 5 keynote speeches and plenary sessions, 6 workshops, 5 round tables, 13 sessions, and 6 academic sessions are provided in the 2-day conference.
  • (5) Discounted tickets are offered to not only the members of the Social Value International Networks (Joint Member Networks, National Networks, and Associate Networks), but also the members of AVPN, B-Corps, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Social & Human Capital Coalition, World Business Council For Sustainable Development. 50 half-price tickets are also offered for students and NPOs.

We also provide “SROI Accredited Practitioner Training” on December 2-3 before the main conference. We will ensure that the Social Value International Conference 2019 is the perfect event to establish collaborations and learn new development about social value. We warmly welcome you to join us!


Dr. Chien-wen Shen (沈建文)


Chairman of the Social Value International Conference 2019 Organizing Committee

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