▪︎  Each workshop (90-minute) is led by 1-2 Lecturers.


▪︎  Each Roundtable is led 1-2 Moderators.


▪︎  Each Session has 1 Moderator and 4 Speakers. Each speaker has 15 minutes to share.


▪︎  Each Best Practice has 1 Moderator and 5 Speakers. Each speaker has 15-Minute to share.


▪︎  Each Academic Symposium has 1 Chair and 5 paper presentations.


▪︎  * Session in Mandarin.


▪︎  The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change, without prior notice, agendas, speakers, or other items relating directly or                  indirectly to the conference, for any cause beyond our reasonable control.


▪︎  Volunteers will help with Mandarin interpreting for each English workshop, session, and rountable.

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